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Business-Focused Expertise

As videographers, we don't just shoot anything. We specialize in filming content that brings our clients a good ROI.

Hands-Off Convenience

We handle everything from concept development to post-production, so you can focus on running your business. The best part is that Podcast Titans completely mobile video podcast production service. Our videographers operate in Charlotte and Atlanta.

Content Curation Powerhouse

We curate engaging social media content, create bite-sized YouTube segments, and generate SEO-rich blog posts to amplify your reach and drive engagement.

Our Work

Step into the Spotlight: Captivate, Engage, and Monetize with Your Video Podcast

Forget being a guest in your own story. With us, you’re the headliner, the mic-wielding maestro commanding the stage. We’re your backstage crew, the unseen wizards crafting a video podcast that turns you into an industry titan, leaving audiences enthralled and your bank account booming.

Ready to be captivated? We delve deep into your brilliance, unearthing the gold that hides within your expertise. We sculpt each episode into a masterpiece, weaving your insights with captivating visuals and storytelling magic. Every word, every frame, every second designed to hold viewers hostage, their eyes glued to you, the star of the show.

Engagement? Oh, we own that word. We craft social media snippets that ignite a wildfire of conversation, turning your followers into fans and your fans into rabid evangelists. Your YouTube channel becomes a magnet, drawing in viewers like moths to a flame, each click a testament to your growing authority.

Monetization? It’s the encore you deserve. We don’t just create content, we create opportunities. Blog posts laced with SEO sorcery propel you to the top of search engine food chains. Strategic calls to action turn viewers into buyers, sponsorships line up like eager understudies, and your empire ascends, brick by captivating brick.

With us, you’re not just a podcaster. You’re a brand. A force of nature. A legend in the making. We’re your secret weapon, your invisible hype squad, your tireless champions whispering, “Go bigger, shine brighter, captivate the world.”

So, ready to take center stage? Contact us today, and let’s craft your video podcast masterpiece. It’s time for your curtain call.

With Podcast Titans, you can:

  • Reach a wider audience and connect with potential customers on a deeper level.

  • Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

  • Increase brand awareness and build trust with your target market.

  • Drive leads and conversions.

  • Boost your website’s SEO and organic traffic.

Podcast Titans
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Jimmy HitchcockJimmy Hitchcock
15:36 19 Apr 24
Podcast Titans are great at what they do. Quality is A+. Will be working together in the future no doubt.
Tullidge PublishingTullidge Publishing
23:50 19 Mar 24
Raving Review: Podcast Titans Delivers Exceptional Quality and ProfessionalismAs a videographer working on a television project for Catapult Outreach, managed by TULLIDGE Publishing, I had the privilege of collaborating with Podcast Titans. The experience was nothing short of remarkable, setting a new standard for excellence in content production.The professionalism exhibited by Podcast Titans was unparalleled. From the initial concept discussions to the final delivery, every aspect of the project was approached with meticulous attention to detail. The team's dedication to creating top-tier content was evident in every frame, showcasing their passion for the craft.The quality of the content produced by Podcast Titans was truly exceptional. The visual storytelling, technical precision, and artistic flair demonstrated in the final deliverables exceeded all expectations. The video captured the essence of our project with stunning clarity, resonating with our audience on a profound level.Working with Podcast Titans was a seamless and inspiring experience. Their ability to translate our vision into captivating visuals was a testament to their expertise and creativity. The collaborative process was smooth and efficient, resulting in a finished product that surpassed our wildest imagination.In conclusion, Podcast Titans exemplifies the pinnacle of excellence in videography. Their commitment to delivering outstanding quality and professional service is commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend Podcast Titans to anyone seeking top-notch videography services that elevate content projects to new heights of success.Kudos to Podcast Titans for their outstanding work, and thank you for exceeding our expectations!
Sarita MahtaniSarita Mahtani
16:50 27 Jun 23
CJ has been amazing! From the beginning he stood out from others I spoke with. I started with a simple idea of what I wanted and CJ tapped into my creative side and drew out of me a vision for my video shoot that turned out absolutely fantastic. Not only is he prompt, professional, and lovely to work with, but his final product "got" what I was trying to convey. Even after we were done with the videos, he has gone above and beyond. I look forward to working with PT Media again in the near future!

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