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Conferences are a powerful tool for building brand awareness, fostering industry connections, and delivering valuable content. But how do you capture the essence of your event and extend its reach beyond the physical space? Enter the magic of video.

Let’s dive into the world of comprehensive event video coverage for conferences, unpacking the essential elements of a winning strategy. We’ll explore the power of pre-event hype videos, delve into capturing the magic during the event, and showcase how to curate and package impactful post-event content.

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The video producer should be a part of the planning of the event

Of course planning your event for video coverage is going to be important. It is recommended that the videographer, producer, or someone from the production company be included in the planning. They may be able to offer up suggestions to not only make it a seamless experience, but to help with the logistics of the event. If you plan to livestream your event, you’ll definitely want the videographer to test the internet connection in advance to know what your capabilities are and put things in place to improve the quality of the connection. At the very least, the videographer will be able to help you determine what will be required as far as equipment and setup to prevent surprises on the day of the event.

Pre-Event Content

Building anticipation for your conference starts long before the opening remarks. Pre-event videos are your secret weapon to generate excitement and encourage registrations. This also gives you an opportunity to host a content day. For this, you can invite the vendors, sponsors, speakers and other individuals with important roles in your event. Here are some key players:

During-Event Video Coverage Content

Speaker presentations as part of a comprehensive event video coverage package

Now that you’ve got attendees buzzing, it’s time to capture the heart of your conference. This is where all of the planning and pre-production processes start to take shape. Execution at this stage will determine how much content gets used, where it gets published and how much of it can be monetized. Here’s where professional video coverage shines:

video podcast booth used at a networking event
video podcast booth used at a networking event

Post-Event Content & Packaging

The conference may be over, but its impact can live on. The goal now it to give not just attendees, but those who couldn’t be in attendance, something to talk about. And with a good plan in place, you can have them talking for a while. Here’s how to curate and package impactful post-event video content:

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