We assist with the entire video podcast production process

  • Planning and Concept Development: Degerming the ultimate goal of your podcast, who your audience is and show structure
  • Production: We travel to you with all of the necessary equipment, from cameras, to lighting to microphones.
  • Publishing: We handle the publishing of your audio to the popular platforms, uploading your videos to YouTube and curating your social media clips.
  • SEO: We develop an SEO strategy from the podcast episodes that include video segments and keyword-rich blog posts.
DEEPER Conversations with Dr. Barbara Swinney
DEEPER Conversations with Dr. Barbara Swinney
Life of a Rich Girl Podcast
Klean Puff Pairings Podcast

How does your firm/agency benefit from having a video podcast?

1. Visual Engagement: Video podcasts provide a visual element that enhances audience engagement. 

2. Expanded Reach: While traditional audio-only podcasts are popular, adding video expands your reach to a broader audience. Video podcasts can be shared on platforms like YouTube, social media, and your website, attracting viewers who prefer visual content or discover your podcast through video platforms.

3. Branding and Personal Connection: Video podcasts allow viewers to see the faces and personalities behind your brand, establishing a stronger personal connection. 

4. Additional Content Formats: Video podcasts provide opportunities to repurpose the content in various ways. You can extract audio snippets for an audio-only version, transcribe the episode into blog posts, or create short video clips for social media, expanding your content library and increasing its visibility.

5. Visual Demonstration and Interaction: Some topics are better conveyed through visuals. 

6. Monetization Potential: Video podcasts can open up additional monetization avenues. With a visual format, you can incorporate video ads, sponsored content, or product placements. Additionally, platforms like YouTube offer monetization options based on views, ads, or channel memberships.