Are you ready to turn your speaking engagements into CONTENT?

Speaker presentations as part of a comprehensive event video coverage package

Just $300

1 Hour of Filming

We will capture a full hour of your speech or presentation.

Single Camera

We only use professional equipment to capture your content.

Wireless Mic

Audio is super important. We provide multiple options to capture high quality audio.

Full Raw Video

We will deliver the full raw video for you to use however you like.

Why Choose the Speaker's Special

Capture Your Brilliance

Our skilled videographers will capture every word, every emotion, and every captivating moment as you command the stage. Your expertise deserves to be immortalized in stunning visuals that reflect your charisma and authority.

Expand Your Reach

Don’t limit your impact to just the audience in the room. With professional video content, you can effortlessly share your insights, wisdom, and knowledge with a global audience. Connect with viewers from all corners of the world!

Boost Your Online Presence

Leverage the power of social media and YouTube to showcase your expertise. Engaging video content has the potential to go viral, exponentially increasing your visibility and establishing you as a thought leader in your industry.

Your best content will come from your speaking engagements
we offer videography for social media content

Grow Your Following

Take your content to…


Create new Reels to grow your influence and following


Start growing your subscribers and build your credibility and authority

Online Courses

Sell your expertise as premium content.

We can also create REELS for you!

For an additional cost, we will create your social media content for you. 

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